It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousands words." I believe that a picture that captures a moment is worth so much more. There are things in life that can't be replaced or relived, but a photograph can bring back those feelings in a rush. To me photography is more than just angles and lenses, its about the little things that become unforgettable.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photography Challenge

This weeks challenge is childhood memories. I was going to skip it. I couldn’t come up with an idea being so far away from home. I don’t really have anything that represents my childhood with me, nor do I have any pictures :(

But then Mule surprised me :) It wasn’t a big surprise, but it instantly took me back to being 8 years old.

Mule had some errands to run and I had a million things to do around the house so he went, and I stayed. When he got back he called me into the kitchen and said “I got you something”. Pulling his hand from behind his back he passed me a chocolate dipped cone from Dairy Queen. I hadn’t had one since I was 8 or 9 years old :) He was quite pleased with himself, and even though I am trying change my eating habits, I couldn’t refuse his sweet grin.

Of course he shook his head and looked at me as if I were the silliest blonde on earth when I promptly handed it back to him and said “Hold this! I gotta grab my Camera!”

blog stuff 038blog stuff 039

These aren’t super creative, or highly edited, but that cone in all its chocolate covered glory, made me feel like a kid again. And I think that was the point of this weeks challenge :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The “L” Family


Since moving to Texas I’ve gotten to meet some great people! The “L” family is some of my favorites :) I got to take some Holiday pictures for them recently and I’m finally getting around to showing them off!

Lindleys 023Lindleys 048Lindleys 065-1

Lindleys 117Lindleys 137-2

Lindleys 180-2Lindleys 186-1Lindleys 215Lindleys 230Lindleys 106-3

We might have forgotten to use the actual Holiday props we brought along, but we had fun on a nice, sunny fall day :) I’m so glad that they got me to do their pictures this year!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Photography Challenge–Someone I Love



Since I’ve already posted a couple pics of my fiancĂ© during the challenge. I decided to go with pictures of someone else that I love dearly.

My sister Emily is one of my best friends, occasionally my photographic muse and one HOT chick :) I miss her like crazy and can’t wait until she can come for a visit!

E&A shoot,texas,projects 020E&A shoot,texas,projects 111E&A shoot,texas,projects 025E&A shoot,texas,projects 027E&A shoot,texas,projects 119E&A shoot,texas,projects 141E&A shoot,texas,projects 195

I decided to put up more than just the “pretty”pics. Em has a wicked sense of humor and usually has my laughing my as off while I’m trying to take her picture.



Taking a break next week for Thanksgiving and the back to the Challenge with a Child Hood Memory :)




Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Photography Challenge–Shoes


I had every intention of taking shoes outside and getting some grassy (We finally HAVE grass here in Texas) shots. But of course, today being Mules day off, my schedule got messed up and I totally forgot!

But I think these turned out nice :)

Mule works hard in the oil field, and comes home with dirty boots every morning (night shift sucks!). He left his boots on the floor in our mostly empty spare room, and the light was hitting them just right. So I of course stretched out on the floor and went to town :D 025 027-1 028-1


Of course I simply have to show you (again?) 2 of my favorite shots from a recent engagement shoot I did for a couple here in Texas. I wouldn’t be an”almost” Texan if I didn’t have an obsession cowboy boots!

Danielle . Dustin 430-1

Danielle . Dustin 253-3

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Danielle & Dustin ~ Engagement Session


I met Danielle back in August when she emailed me to get more information about wedding photography. After a bunch of emails and having to reschedule a couple times due to illness, we were finally able to get together to talk wedding and do an engagement shoot.

They have an incredible location for the wedding. A gorgeous, rustic, western church with tons of space and even rodeo grounds in the back! We took some shots there as well as in down town Wichita Falls. It was a perfect evening and we got some great pictures as well as a chance to get to know each other.


Danielle . Dustin 208-1Danielle . Dustin 253-3Danielle . Dustin 283Danielle . Dustin 318-2Danielle . Dustin 411-4Danielle . Dustin 430-1Danielle . Dustin 435-2Danielle . Dustin 445

I am soooo looking forward to March 17th :) Its going to be an amazing day!

Photography Challenge–Sunset


I love sunsets! I love watching a sunset with my hunny even more! :)

A couple of weeks a go we took a drive to a local lake and wandered around as the sun was setting. We (and by we I mean Mule) found all kinds of “interesting” things on  the beach, including a fish head. Yummy!

Here are some of my favorite sunset pictures from that night…

lake 054-1

lake 030lake 031-1

lake 056

lake 019-1

This is officially one of my top 10 favorite places on earth, Well at least the earth that I have seen :)

Photography Challenge–Silhouette


I’m a week behind!! Oh no!!


I hope you think its worth the wait though! I delayed because I had an engagement photography session to do last Saturday and I knew that there would be a good silhouette shot from that :)


Danielle . Dustin 283Danielle . Dustin 435-2Danielle . Dustin 445

I had a ton of Fun working with Danielle and Dustin! Stay tuned for more from their engagement shoot coming soon! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photography Challenge–Bokeh


I love Bokeh! Definitely one of my favorite techniques :)

Here is one I took today…

owls...swap 014

These are some of my favorites from past photo shoots :)


It adds so much interest and depth to a photo :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Photography Challenge–Orange


I’m not usually a orange person, but when I came across this adorable fabric and a great Idea for something to add to my vendors booth for the fall and Christmas fairs coming up, it seemed like the perfect match.

orange 002-1orange 003-1orange 007-1

I missed the perfect evening lighting by about 20 minutes. Grrrr! I blame the dishes. With a little editing, they’re better, but I may try this again some time.

I also took a few other product photos while I was at it

.orange 014-1orange 017-1

orange 028-1orange 024-1

orange 036-1orange 029-1

I’m adding these little lovelies to my etsy store tonight Smile

Next Week’s Challenge – Bokeh