It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousands words." I believe that a picture that captures a moment is worth so much more. There are things in life that can't be replaced or relived, but a photograph can bring back those feelings in a rush. To me photography is more than just angles and lenses, its about the little things that become unforgettable.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A week behind!




But I have a good reason, I promise! Both Mule and I have been sicker than sick! Its been icky and exhausting… and I’ve pretty much slept most of this week away :(

Day 21 – I have a darn cute puppy!

 pincushion.afghan.necklaces 048

Day 22 – I finished an infant sized afghan and slipped outside while there was about 7 minutes of sunshine :)

pincushion.afghan.necklaces 016

Day 23

– Scoot decided that he should climb onto my desk, snatch my BRAND NEW scissors and chew them to bits. I’m still miffed about this!


Day 24 – the beginning of the sickies… Scoot seems to know when I need snuggles :)


Day 25 – Happy Birthday Mule! Let us celebrate with Angry Bird cake, Sinus meds & Cough Syrup!


Day 26 – Midnight birthday request… technically since I took this at like 12:03 on the 26th is day 26 :)


Day 27 – the sun is back out, I only partially feel like death and Mother Nature is screwed right up!



Back on Monday with the weekend pics :) Hoping to actually go out and take some nice shots!

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  1. aw. your puppy is super cute! and what a good photo taker hehe.

    by the way girly! im doing my very first blog link-up and i would love if you would join :) i would like to have your talent posted