It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousands words." I believe that a picture that captures a moment is worth so much more. There are things in life that can't be replaced or relived, but a photograph can bring back those feelings in a rush. To me photography is more than just angles and lenses, its about the little things that become unforgettable.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A little Catching up… Day 6-9


Day 6:

PHOTOGRAPH framed by a doorway.
a person |  an open space | a view

projects 001

I did a Photo Shoot with the *L* Family in November at this same spot. Since then its burned down, almost completely :( I was hoping to get some interesting shots through the doorway, into the open fields beyond, but I still find this picture quite compelling.

Day 7:

PHOTOGRAPH one little word.
yours | in tiles | in a book

projects 052

I’m getting married soon (small private ceremony this month and bigger Celebration/party later this year) so 2012 is all about Love!

Day 8:

snow | cereal | parts or pieces

projects 030

Living in Texas, this is about as close to snow flakes as I’ll get… unless there is a freak storm like last year. I kind of hope that there will be… just so I can get some pretty pictures! :)

Day 9:

energetic | quick | stimulating


This is Scoot. He follows me pretty much everywhere. He is also by far the most energetic thing in this house :) It was quite rainy today, so we’ve been playing a lot of fetch.

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